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Lower Back Tattoos – Sexy Or Trashy?..

I’ve found I generally prefer back tattoos, upper or lower back designs, as you can do a lot with such a large area – it’s the ultimate blank canvas!

Of course, beginning the search for the ideal creative tattoo must include WHERE it will be placed… This choice will help define what style is best, allowing for individual muscle tone & body shape. eg: arm & leg muscles may affect the appearance of a design much more than torso placement.  Also, is it to be seen by everyone, or just an intimate person?.. 😉

Being a girl, I quite like lower back tattoos – they’ve become a rather sexy fashion statement – despite receiving a few unkind labels like “tramp stamp”, “ass-antlers”, “bullseye tattoo”, “alley tag” & “splat tattoo”!… :-(  Maybe some girls do get them to wear with pride as a “slag tattoo”, but instead of being trashy, overall I think they look artistically well balanced on the body & depending how high or low the artwork is positioned & what clothes are worn, it may be openly viewed, or kept discreet.

Girl's Custom Lower Back Tattoo

Girl's Custom Lower Back Tattoo

Another reason for lower back tats being popular with girls is that they are less likely to change or stretch over time, to end up as a fat-tattoo!  Getting one as a younger woman, the female body can go through so many changes with childbirth, etc over the the coming years – the lower back is not affected as much by stretch marks or middle-age spread!  And I believe it’s also a popular choice for ladies looking for a mature tattoo, or as one lady I spoke to called it – her “Grandma Tattoo”!  It was her form of self-expression, commemorating the birth of her first grandchild with a lovely butterfly tat.  There’s certainly nothing wrong then with being a “Tattooed Granny”! :-)

I have been wondering how painful it might be on the lower back, being close to the spine, but after talking to friends who have had several extreme tattoos done, including back, chest, neck, leg & arm sleeve tattoos, apparently the MOST painful places are underneath the upper arm, elbows, collarbones, ankle, foot & skull tattoos.  Basically anything that’s brutally close to bone or in extremely “sensitive” skin areas – leave that to the imagination!..

So the back is probably a good choice, since there’s at least a little bit of fleshy cover in some areas..

Woman's Lower Back Tattoo

Woman's Lower Back Tattoo

One friend said that even though she thought it was slightly painful each time she’s been tattooed, she also feels that it’s quite addictive!  I doubt I’ll become an “ink addict”, but I can definitely appreciate fantastic tattoo artwork & the skill that goes with creating custom tattoo & body art!..

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