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George Clooney (Seth) Neck Tattoo

George Clooney (Seth) Neck Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are another form of art I like! They’ve become a hot trend in recent years.  I think the first time I noticed them was seeing George Clooney’s character Seth Gecko, in the Tarantino movie “From Dusk Til Dawn”! There’s only a small part of his tribal flame design visible on his neck for most of the film, & when he takes his jacket off near the end it reveals the rest of the full sleeve artwork – great make-up job there!!

George Clooney (Seth) Arm Sleeve Tattoo

George Clooney (Seth) Arm Sleeve Tattoo

I’m not looking to wear the bold, chunky ones myself, but I do like the flowing lines & the fact that any image can be created (tigers, dragons, etc look great!) or they can be used as fine borders & embellishments with any other picture ideas – we are only limited by our imagination.  😉

Man Tribal Back Tattoo

Man's Tribal Back Tattoo

There’s definitely some cool tribal lower back art available, anywhere you want to look! While I may never get tattooed with many of those pictures, some of my faves include some sweet belly button tattoo designs, flowers, fairies, angels & other fantasy tattoos.  Also tribal dragons & scorpion, celtic tribal, & other zodiac sign tattoos, like Taurus, Pisces – my sister is Piscean & is also looking to find her perfect “bullseye tattoo”!.. My brother is a fan of the tribal skull pics, but I have to say they don’t really do it for me though!..

I’ve been focussing my search on creative tattoo designs that feature some of my favourite fantasy art items & have checked out hundreds of tribal star, angel, unicorn, flower & butterflies tattoos drawings & images.  I’d like something that will compliment & frame the simple Gemini “II” symbol, without being too sharp or harsh – possibly something like this flower tattoo design

Flower Tattoo Drawing

Flower Tattoo Drawing

Then there is the next critical choice – colours or just black/grey shading?… My favourite colour is purple, so naturally I would like to have some kind of nice purple shading within the flowers around my Gemini tattoo!  But the rest is likely to stay black outline & some light shading.

Over time colours tend to fade more quickly than black ink does & of course the larger or more detailed the design, the more time consuming to get tattooed, possibly leading to the dark outline being done in one sitting & a follow-up session with your tattooist for the colour inking.  If good care is taken of the fresh tattoo from the start, it helps to prolong the life of the image on your skin for many years to come. 

Definitely must avoid getting sunburnt!…

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