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A few months ago I started looking for a creative tattoo design that I could customize & call my own.  I had some ideas about what I wanted, based around some pretty sweet tattoo artworks that I had seen in my internet searches, but it’s almost mind-numbing to try & make a decision, with so many choices out there…

Even though there are great forums & areas to chat to people about their experience with getting tattooed, I decided to write down my own experience here as my little online journal, so it might help other people who are either first timers, like me – tattoo virgins – or even tat addicts who are looking for their latest, incredibly creative tattoo ideas!

Original tattoo art rocks – it needs to be funky, sexy, unique & personalised – something I’ll be happy to wear on my body for the rest of my life!!

Tattoo Designs

Creative Tattoo Designs

There’s endless places to search on the web for artistic tat ideas, some are better quality than others.  I’ve found it’s really a case of keeping an eye open when Google-ing, making notes of the sites with artworks that are appealing to whatever tastes you have & jotting down design ideas to help create or customise your own design – that’s what I’m doing!  Why settle for a standard picture that everyone else can have, or already has tattooed on them??..

Since this will be my first & possibly only one, (I’m not sure yet if I’ll like the whole tattooing process, pain factor, or what my boyfriend will say?!..)  I definitely want something special – a simple but creative tattoo design…  I’m leaning towards something to do with my star sign, a Gemini zodiac tattoo.  Maybe some kind of tribal flower design around the Gemini twins “II” motif!? I’ll be picking different parts of a few nice images I’ve seen, to help create my own custom tattoo.  I’m thinking of sketching a rough drawing myself of what I’d like, then take it to a tattooist & see what can be done! :-)

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